Dating profil Lejre

It's also free to use the bonfires, if – for instance – you bring a couple of sausages (usually you can also buy them out there).

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They have settings from the Iron Age, Stone Age, Viking Age and 1800th century, and activities for both adults and children.

Set in beautiful, lush surroundings, the place gives its visitors a chance to see, smell, taste and touch 10.000 years of Danish history.

The "hands-on" site/museum has a cornucopia of activities and places of interest: viking and medieval events, houses that visitors can enter and live in, workshops, sacrificial bogs, domestic animals, canoes to sail, chances to learn how to make food from a specific time period.

There's a lot of stuff to see, but also a lot do do, especially with kids.

For instance grinding flour, cooking over fire or sailing in canoes made out of hollowed logs (remember dry clothes - and to place your backpacks on dry land).