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He experimented first with fitting lenses to rabbits having made casts from Plaster of Paris.Later he moulded the eyes of cadavers in the mortuary.

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The patient is reported to have worn the lens night and day for twenty years until his death.

In reality he would have had a new lens made every year to 18 months due to the effect on the glass of tear-corrosion. Adolf Eugen Fick, a physician in Zurich, reporting how he had fitted contact lenses to traumatised or irregularly shaped corneas.

The German origins of cosmetic contact lenses What is taken as the first contact lens was not for the correction of sight but rather for the protection of the eye.

In 1887 Dr Saemich, an ophthalmologist, had asked artificial eye makers F. Müller & Söhne of Wiesbaden to blow some glass shells, resembling artificial eyes, to protect the cornea of one of his patients who had suffered severe surgical damage to the lids of one eye.

As the eye would not close some sort of protection was required to avoid the drying and erosion of the cornea which would result in considerable pain and visual loss to the patient. The blown shell had a clear central portion through which to look, although this part was not optically powered.