Grazia single shaming

Those hilarious, if slightly offensive, jokes you make in the company of friends and family aren’t always going to be interpreted the way you hope they will on social media. By the time she landed some nine hours later, the tweet had gone viral, and the hashtag #Has Justine Landed Yet was trending worldwide.

Even if you’ve taken the care to update your bio with the neat little disclaimer, “all views expressed are my own”, your public opinion could still be seen as a reflection of your employer. Just ask South African expat Justine Sacco, whose world imploded during a single flight from London to Cape Town just over a year ago. Online spectators watched as she made her way through the arrivals terminal, and into the throngs of waiting media.

As she was boarding, Justine tweeted, “Going to Africa. As if that wasn’t bad enough, her company confirmed she no longer had a job when she returned to London.

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Well, let’s just say things can get a whole lot messier.

Or at least, that’s what people will perceive you to be.

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