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We’re sure the Daily News or NY Post will break this one wide open tomorrow (or debunk it so that it falls in our “memorable gaffe” category.) Here’s Ivankovska “supermodel” page.It is a bye week, so news is a little slow for the Trojans.The Post’s source says that the couple never comes in at the same time, with one 5 minutes ahead of the other to not be seen together.

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The Sexiest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Models “Do you want it to be him?

After we linked to this page 6 item this morning, a reader wrote in claiming to have seen Ivankovska and Sanchez together at the gym multiple times.

According to the New York Post, Sanchez has been seen in Upton’s building at varying times, after games or before practices.

Various reports indicate that he’s been paying visits to Upton’s Flatiron apartment, some as late as midnight.

Playing football in New York means not having a private life.