Latin dating Langeland

From laakso ‘valley’, generally an ornamental name adopted during the name conversion movement of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

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Currently, a common name in Wallonia, Belgium with some descendants in USA.

Believed to be derived from three terms..."lamb" "ill" "otte".

An English habitational name from any of the numerous places named in Old English as ‘long ford’, from lang, long ‘long’ + ford ‘ford’, except for Langford in Nottinghamshire, which is named with an Old English personal name Landa or possibly land, here used in a specific sense such as ‘boundary’ or ‘district’, with the same second element.

Northern English: probably a habitational name from a minor place in Soulby, Cumbria, called Longthorn, from Old English lang ‘long’ + horn ‘projecting headland’, or a topographic name with the same meaning....

[more]Habitational name from Lancaster in northwestern England, named in Old English as ‘Roman fort on the Lune’, from the Lune river, on which it stands, + Old English cæster ‘Roman fort or walled city’ (Latin castra ‘legionary camp’)...


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