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She was a Holocaust survivor, he said, who was already taking care of his sister, a morbidly obese young woman awaiting gastric bypass surgery, and her boyfriend, a crystal meth dealer.“Jeez,” I said, “how is your mother handling all this?

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And then came the experience so horrible/pathetic/humiliating they realized how unbelievably happy they already were. I offered to pay for my own ticket, but he declined.

“Sadly,” he continued in his calm California way, “I’m fifty-four years old and find myself homeless, jobless, and penniless.”“Really? I slipped my restaurant coupon under a pile of newspapers and pulled out Tupperware containers of leftovers from the fridge.

William dug right into the chicken parmesan and continued.

My approach, especially since I’d already abandoned online dating, was to stay open to possibility.

We made the date and I downloaded a coupon for dinner at a nice place near the college.