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..The desperate bid for safety saw children and pensioners queuing in their droves for over-crowded buses, being piled onto the back of pick-up trucks and being carted around in trolleys out of Aleppo. attended talks in Paris in October about partnering with Russia to end the bloody Syrian conflict, in the latest installment of Trump family members carving out a substantive portfolio. Aid workers distributed the last available supplies on Thursday as the quarter of a million people living in rebel-held areas of the Syrian city entered what is expected to be a cruel winter, the U. A major exporter of grain, cement, and spirits, its thriving business interests include Siemens Wind Power, Aalborg Industries, and Aalborg Portland.

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By road Aalborg is 64 kilometres (40 mi) southwest of Frederikshavn, and 118 kilometres (73 mi) north of Aarhus. Aalborg's position at the narrowest point on the Limfjord made it an important harbour during the Middle Ages, and later a large industrial centre.

Architecturally, the city is known for its half-timbered mansions built by its prosperous merchants.

Budolfi Church, now a cathedral, dates from the end of the 14th century and Aalborghus Castle, a royal residence, was built in 1550.

Today, Aalborg is a city in transition from a working-class industrial area to a knowledge-based community.

With its theatres, symphony orchestra, opera company, performance venues, and museums such as Aalborg Historical Museum and the Aalborg Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg is an important cultural hub.