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The community suddenly has access to a lot more talent and everybody’s work gets better and better. It’s a very simple idea and it has been around since long time.

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Usually you give this someone money to get the job done. As a result, people do everything themselves or if you ask someone, it just takes ages.

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It's a tangible way to play with beats and because the detection doesn't work perfectly, the groove changes slightly from time to time.","content_type":"html"}},"tags":"","favorite":null,"updated_at":"2015-05-09TZ","_id":"53e26d20342b8208c70009e8","_type":"Text","page_id":"53a00d9a342b82cb36000623"},{"properties":null,"i18n":{"de":{"content":"You can hear the sound of the ' Square Pusher Guitar 001' on our new record.

When I thought about what the keys could be used for I came up with the idea of the ' Tune Pitcher'.

Now you can additionally play chords with the computer keys and transpose them with the 'neck keys'. ","content_type":"html"}},"tags":"","favorite":null,"updated_at":"2015-05-09TZ","_id":"53e2700a342b8266b700002e","_type":"Text","page_id":"53a00d9a342b82cb36000623"},{"properties":null,"i18n":{"de":{"content":"","content_type":"html"}},"tags":"","favorite":null,"updated_at":"2015-05-09TZ","_id":"53e274c2342b8208c7000a87","_type":"Text","page_id":"53a00d9a342b82cb36000623"},{"properties":null,"i18n":{"de":{"content":"The ' Tune Pitcher' Kit is available with release of our new album ' Ready To Go'! Its a 'class compliant' USB MIDI device, so you can connect it to your Laptop or i Pad like any other MIDI device.