erodating Heilbronn - Single bremerhaven

At the end of the tour you can search for your own emigrated relatives in two international databases.

This adventure museum will touch your senses: in a world-tour starting in Bremerhaven and taking in Antarctica and Samoa along the way you will traverse a plethora of climate zones, in the course of which you will sweat, freeze and, above all, be amazed.

German Emigration Centre, harbour cruise, Zoo at the Sea, discover, savour the flavour, relax and enjoy, culture, wellness, ships: The "Bremerhaven All Inclusive" package contains a lot of what Bremerhaven has to offer as a seaside town.

Book our 5-day arrangement, experience every day new exciting attractions, recline in our wellness area and in the evening enjoy a 3-course dinner at our "Weinrot" restaurant!

In the new wing the visitor changes perspective and follows an immigrant on his/her path to Germany.