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‘They were having their reception at a hotel about ten miles away and chose our church.‘We had the rehearsal on Thursday evening and at the end I said, “sure maybe I’ll sing an aul song for you myself” – Leah grinned and said “OK sure” but I don’t think she was taking it too seriously.’ The You Tube video of Fr Kelly’s amazing performance has already been watched more than 2million times.

But that's what happened to couple Chris and Leah O'Kane when they were recently married at the Oldcastle church in Meath, Ireland, by Father Ray Kelly who broke into an incredible custom-made cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah." The online viral video shows Kelly sing as the couple prepares to walk down the aisle.

An Irish priest has become an overnight internet singing sensation after a video of him singing a surprise song during a wedding was uploaded to You Tube and went viral in a few hours. Ray Kelly’s goose bump-worthy performance by the altar has since its original upload on April 7 managed to become the top video on the You Tube Ireland page and has raked in over Fr.

Ray Kelly’s customized rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” at the wedding of Chris and Leah O’Kane on April 5, 2014 evoked surprised reactions from the bride and groom as well as the people assembled for the ceremony.

Their friends and family are stunned as the priest belts out lyrics such as, "As Leah is walking up the aisle and Chris looks on and gives a smile" and "They join their hands to show their love and say those most important words I knew-yaaaa … Hallelujah …" The priest is very serious with the song and it's not until after almost two minutes pass that he glances at the couple and cracks a quick smile.

Kelly told BBC Radio the couple had no idea what to expect.