Single mindedness meaning

In 1 Cor -40, Paul shares several of these advantages.While many of these advantages can be universally true, we must be careful to understand what Paul is saying in the context of his letter to the Corinthians. Singles are better able to cope with troubles (-28).

Whenever I would have an appointment with our family doctor, I would ask him the same question.

All I could think about was being a successful basketball player. Therefore, at least once a week I would ask my mom or dad how tall I was going to be.

He even brackets off his remarks by reminding his readers again in that he is expressing his opinion. Yet such will have trouble in this life, and I am trying to spare you.” It seems clear that Paul was not providing advice to be used in all situations, but one that was applicable during that particular period of time.

Furthermore, I can buy my clothes off the rack, I can fit comfortably in a car, and I don’t have to duck as I walk through doorways.

Being short in stature certainly does have its advantages. Likewise, being single can also have its advantages, if you use the time God has allotted you for His glory.