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Implementation of the project within these groups is greatly enhanced by the provision of additional personnel and funds for IT development in each participating agency.The private sector partners who offer their services within the single-window component of the service delivery front-end are also assisted by Bremen Online Services.Signum and VSS were local software consultancy firms, who were awarded substantial parts of contracts after the call for tender.

Single online Bremerhaven

To carry out the main tasks of technical development and to share expertise as well as to cut the costs for each individual partner, the partners founded the Bremen Online Services Development and Operation company.

It is a limited liability company, whose partners shared their stakes as showed in the following: Brokat AG is the developer of the online banking solution, which was first believed to be a good starting point to develop the online platform.

Thus, the company is tied very closely to the most important application areas.

This helps greatly in bridging the two worlds of public administrations and private sector, which have rather substantial communication problems, as had to be faced in the course of the project.

Within the city, the project groups are led by members of the Office of New Media and e Government and a representative from the respective agencies which participates in the project.