Ung dating Odder

As a socially awkward individual, getting a girl to go on a date with you is near impossible.However, once you get a girl to go out with you it feels like you finally got over that mountain of a challenge and you are victorious.The challenge is not over at that point though, there is now the actual date itself which can be just as awkward and unusual as any other situation.

I have never went on a fancy first date with a girl, it is always very casual and rather unplanned.

I tend to plan things about a week in advance, enough time to get every detail worked out so that nothing will go wrong.

It feels like such a monumental milestone that you forget about the fact that there is a second round.

The date with that girl is that second round of the tournament which is often not even thought about until it actually happens.

I always try to set up the time, place, and what to do.